Business Overview

A team of highly skilled, experienced engineers

iTSherpa is a team of discerning, highly skilled engineers with expertise in both software and infrastructure, including systems engineers, programmers, network engineers, database engineers, web engineers, and application engineers.


Our services include the development of iOS and Android applications customized to meet customer needs.


Social media continues to gain increasing popularity worldwide, with more and more users registering for and using social networking services such as LINE and Facebook on a daily basis. Along with the ever increasing population of social media users comes an increased variety of services offered via these social networking sites.

So we here at iTSherpa have created a new communication tool, the SNS package called GLAS, with the perfect communication tools for any occasion via voice and video call, stickers, chat and timeline. Complete with some of the most popular features of services such as LINE and Facebook as well as unique, customizable additional features for a more flexible, personalized service.

Main Features

GLAS is a new, highly original social networking service equipped with some of the most popular features of services such as LINE and Facebook, as well as a number of unique, customizable additional features for a more flexible, personalized service!

•Browse user profiles and photos
Select and view the user profiles and photos of your choice
•Buzz (Known as “Timeline” on Facebook and LINE)
Just like the timeline feature on Facebook and LINE, here you can post news and announcements and like and comment on other users’ posts.
Choose from a wide variety of items to give other users as gifts.
•Look at Me (Auction)
Use this feature to draw attention to yourself.
•Chat (with stickers), voice call and video call
Communicate with other users via text-based chat complete with stickers (similar to those found on LINE), voice call or video call.
Use the GPS feature to display the distance between you and other users.

Live Streaming

We provide video solutions for companies, offering everything from live streaming broadcasting services to the development of just the right content for viewers.

Our company provides optimal video solutions for companies, offering everything from live streaming broadcasting services to the development of the perfect content for video streaming sites and social networking applications, all fully customizable to meet user needs and suitable even for large broadcasts in excess one gigabit in size.
By eliminating wait times and allowing for speedy voice and video communication we have achieved an unbeatable level of user satisfaction. In addition, we provide the necessary technology to allow for broadcasting without loss of sound or video quality.
Live streaming

Cloud Services

Your one-stop shop for IaaS public cloud services throughout all stages of the process: from adoption to architecture to application.

We can create online environments to meet client needs with our speedy, low cost IaaS public cloud services which are both stable and user friendly.
We build highly available and augmentable hybrid architectures including services such as housing at our affiliated data center. Our services have you covered every step of the way, from adoption to architecture to application. Thanks to our experience and proven track record in system migration from on-site to cloud-based solutions and more, our services will get you the results you are looking for fast.

EC System

We provide e-commerce fulfilment solutions suitable not only for online shopping, but also for incoming and outgoing requests by telephone and fax.

In addition to the basic features necessary for online shopping, we also provide user-friendly, effective support for our users’ business, including website administration, email distribution and landing page based sales promotion, as well as the analytical tools to allow for a complete analysis from multiple angles.
A variety of external services can also be used seamlessly in conjunction with our services.

A variety of sales promotion features
We offer targeted email marketing, landing pages, and free pages.
Multidimensional analysis of sales promotion results
We have the analytical tools to look at each customer, product and medium from various angles to measure and ensure effective sales promotion.
Multiple devices supported
Shopping cart available on multiple devices. Subscriptions and subscription boxes also supported.
Intuitive interface
Intuitive, easy-to-use interface. Menu options displayed can be adapted to each individual user’s level of permissions. Can be used from within your browser.
Dashboard Features
The e-commerce industry requires a great number of daily tasks including obtaining available information to stay abreast of any changes in sales, subscription members, subscribers to newsletters and the like, webpage visitors and payments received, in addition to tasks such as continued planning, routine management and customer relationship management.

The dashboard feature allows you to visualize the current status of all tasks to enable you to effectively prioritize your daily tasks.
E-commerce systems

Call Center

Our services are adapted to fit the details and scale of each request.

For example, we provide support services to companies dealing with the following issues:

• Capacities to handle increased phone volume resulting from newspaper etc.
• Outsourcing telephone sales tasks due to an increase in online inquiries.
• Insufficient time to train operators.
• Wishing to provide information regarding subscription sales.

about Callcenter
Office employee

Through our secure and comprehensive training system we are able to provide a high level of quality operations which include services such as inbound calls, outbound calls as well as inquiry support while always ensuring that your customers do not need to wait for a long period of time.
We are open and respond to any inquiry from companies and/or organizations with call service needs within Japan regarding TV commercials, radio advertisements, newspaper advertisements and such.

IoT Device

Creation of prototypes and small lot production. Analysis and demonstration.

The domain of the internet is no longer limited to communications devices such as computers and smartphones, but rather is becoming increasingly connected to all of the “things” around us, bringing about fundamental changes in both our everyday lives and how we do business.
Our complete IoT solution is your one stop shop for all your IoT needs, from the necessary sensor network architecture to the provision of telecommunications lines and equipment, data collection and analysis, and even maintenance and management of your network of equipment.

Speedy prototype creation
Simply tell us what kind of device you would like to make and we will bring your idea to life. We can complete your desired prototype often in as little as two weeks.
*Some prototypes may take longer than two weeks depending on the level of complexity involved.
Small lot production
“We likewise offer the production of small-scale orders.
We can create provisional prototypes using generic processors prior to mass production.”
IoT solutions typically mean an increasing amount of data is collected via connected network devices, thereby raising the costs of data analysis and application.
Here at iTSherpa our IoT solution package includes expert advice regarding data analysis and visualization techniques based on our proven, results-oriented experience.
IoT device development

Offshore Development

Lab type offshore development service

Virtually hire engineers overseas and form an excellent team which fits your needs for affordable system development and reliable quick respond times.

1. Form a team according to your needs
A wide range of developers you can choose from allows you to overcome your human resource shortage, selecting the skill sets that your company needs,
be it talented people or an entire experienced development team.
2. Project visualization
By being able to directly manage the team, you can visualize things like progress, occurring problems and even black boxes that are likely to turn out problematic.
3. Fixed costs
When commissioning development estimates are often being exceeded and budgets need to be adjusted. Now you’re able to engage in projects you want to do without being worried about the financial impact it may have. With your mind and financial costs put at ease you can now completely focus on the system development side.

Face Recognition System

Research on AI technology applications with emotion detection and face recognition systems.

Our face recognition system detects specific feature points for each part of the face, recognizes a wide range of emotions and automatically identifies persons based on the given data. It can be used in various situations, such as unlocking a device as well as scanning faces of passing by people in stores and venues. Here are some advantage points:

Reducing the user burden
Authentication is performed via face scanning, without the actual need for the user directly accessing the device.
No special requirements needed
If you have a camera and the required software, you can start right away without the need for specific hardware while reducing the initial investment at the same time.
Reducing the risk of fraud
Compared to using a ID/password combination which makes unauthorized access a whole lot easier, running the risk of fraud when using a face recognition system is extremely low.