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Why iTSherpa?

The word sherpa means “Eastern people” in the Tibetan language. (Sher=Eastern; Pa=people) As the Sherpa people have long worked as guides assisting mountain climbers in the Himalayan mountains, the term “”sherpa”” is now commonly used to refer to a “”guide”” in general.
Here at iTSherpa it is our mission to lead the way into the future of IT by providing our customers with a wide range of features and the necessary know-how to leverage the potential of the internet to the fullest.

Management philosophy
Do not be afraid of change and keep evolving.
Do not forget to be considerate with your surroundings.
Be grateful and appreciative.
Foundational policies
To keep evolving, keep acquiring technical skills.
Taking care of others means you don’t forget to be considerate.
Look for opportunities to be appreciated and sources that make it possible.
Action philosophy
Be interested in your surroundings: be aware, talk, think and act.
In order to become a valuable organization each and every one of us needs to have “skill, knowledge and passion”.
Understand each other and actively make plus one proposals.
Work together for gains.
Continue thinking free without borders.


Company Name iTSherpa Co., Ltd.
Founded 12月 1, 2000
CEO Yasuhisa Kawano
Capital Stock 10 million yen
Business Overview Mobile app development
Live streaming
Cloud services
E-commerce systems
Call center
IoT device development
Offshore development
Face recognition system
Office Locations
Fukuoka Main Office
Akasaka Prime Building, Second floor 2-3-6 Maizuru, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, 810-0073 Japan
TEL 092-737-5755 FAX 092-737-5765

Miyazaki Branch Office
Yano Kogyo Bldg 2, Third floor 5-1-24 Tachibana Dori Nishi, Miyazaki City, 880-0001 Japan
TEL 0985-75-0310 FAX 0985-75-0320

Kushima Branch Office
1-2-1 Nishihama Kushima MIyazaki
TEL 0987-66-0001

Miyakonojo Branch Office
Hirae Bldg 305, 1-1, Hiraecho, Miyakonojo City, 885-0021
TEL 080-6436-6389
CSR iTSherpa is committed to corporate social responsibility through its environmental protection programs and contributions to society.

Company Introduction


2000.12 iTSherpa, Ltd. is founded.
2007.10 The company incorporates to form iTSherpa Co., Ltd.
2009.01 Main office moves to the Daimyo neighborhood of the Chuo Ward of Fukuoka City.
2010.12 Miyazaki Branch Office opens in Miyazaki City, Miyazaki Prefecture.
2012.02 Main office moves to the Maizuru neighborhood of the Chuo Ward of Fukuoka City.
2012.12 The company opens overseas office location in Hanoi, Vietnam.
2015.05 E-commerce packages added to the list of company services.
2017.07 Cloud services added to the list of company services.
2018.09 Miyazaki Office moves to its Tachibana Dori Nishi location.
2019.03 Fukuoka Call center is established.
2020.05 Main office moves to the 2-3-6 Maizuru neighborhood of the Chuo Ward of Fukuoka City.
2021.04 Kushima Call center is established.
2024.01 Miyakonojo Call center is established.